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More People Are Going To The ER With Preventable Dental Problems

State budgets are being strained by expensive emergency room (ER) treatment for toothaches and other avoidable dental ailments, according to a new report from the Pew Center on the States. Preventable dental conditions were the primary reason for 830,590 ER visits by Americans in 2009, up 16% from 2006...Read more.



I Have Knocked Out A Tooth - Now What?

Avulsed Tooth is the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket in alveolar bone from trauma. Dentists generally refer to a tooth that has been knocked out as an avulsed tooth. The accidental loss of a tooth through trauma ( avulsed tooth ) is considered a very serious... Read more.


How To Prevent Your Teeth From Breaking!

This has been a summer of hot temperatures, hail storms and the Olympics. And broken teeth. Is there an ice-chewing convention in town that I don’t know about? Pretty much every week this summer, we’ve had folks break their teeth on “salad” or “oatmeal”, or my favorite, while “flossing” (ahem).Okay, now I know not everyone is crunching on ice (or hard candy), but if there IS a community event of the sort, I’d appreciate some advance notice...Read more.


Most Americans Are Not Ready For Dental Emergencies

Although 72% of Americans have fillings, caps or crowns and one in six had a dental emergency during the past 12 months, most are not prepared to deal with a dental emergency, according to a recent survey conducted by Majestic Drug, a provider of oral care products...Read more.


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