General Dentistry

Oral health is an important factor in your overall health so routine checkups are key for catching minor dental issues and preventing larger ones from occurring. At Hawley Lane Dental, we aim to provide a comfortable and informative experience with every visit. With years of experience as a family dentist, we care about our patients and strive to give each and every one of them a smile that will last for years.

From simple routine cleanings and exams to more comprehensive measures like root canals or cosmetic procedures, or even emergency dental work, Hawley Lane Dental can handle all of your family’s dental needs.

General Dentistry Services

And now Hawley Lane Dental is offering cutting-edge Solea Laser dentistry procedures. Where lasers replace traditional drilling methods for dental procedures such as cavity fillings, offering a minimally invasive solution without the need for anesthesia. They can even reduce snoring in patients.

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